Addicted to LOST?

21 01 2009

Finally, there’s a solution for all of us who can’t pull ourselves away from Lost.

New Year’s Resolution Song – Rhett & Link

1 01 2009

Happy 2009 from Christian Comedy Videos!

The Internet Overdose Song – R&L

12 09 2008

Another great Rhett and Link song which was recommended by our reader JardinPrayer.


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Facebook Song! – Rhett and Link

8 07 2008

The Sunburn Song (WARNING for Memorial Day)

27 05 2008

Hannah Montana: Cliff Notes for Parents

25 04 2008

Don’t know this HANNAH MONTANA girl all the kids are talking about? No need to panic – it’s not all that complicated. Rhett and Link team up with TV Guide to give you the cliff notes version of the HANNAH MONTANA phenomenon.

Singing Bee vs. Don’t Forget the Lyrics

17 04 2008

This footage must have been leaked by an NBC intern or something…?

Dead iPod Song – Rhett & Link

14 04 2008

I am dedicating this video to my friend Adam whose iPod died right after he started using it.

The 80th Annual Academy Awards song – Rhett & Link

23 03 2008
Another one from Rhett and Link. Great, especially if you the saw the Oscars. 

Happy Easter! 

The New American Idol Theme – Rhett & Link

17 03 2008
These two guys are my favorite comedy duo. I first saw Rhett and Link on the Yahoo! home page. I was then very excited to discover they were both clean and Christians! They have a plentiful amount of hilarious videos. You shall see many more of them. 

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